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Welcome to my digital community. On this page I share photos, videos, and events from my personal life or my work in our church. As in facebook you can post a message, write a comment, upload photos, videos and audios, like or share messages. You can register as friend or visit this community as guest. Whatever you do, enjoy it! This community-platform is in Dutch; feel free to use your own language.


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Johan in community
30 december 2021, 12:03

New Year's blessing

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Johan in community
12 december 2021, 22:53

My first drone flight Smiling

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14 december 2021, 15:37

Leuk, Johan!

Johan in community
26 november 2021, 17:15

Ter Aar 

Ter Aar, the village I live in. The arrow points to my house.
Ter Aar, mooi dorp in het groene hart. Hier woon ik (de pijl wijst naar ons huis).
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Johan in community
06 november 2021, 17:44

Some more pictures Smiling

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Johan in community
06 november 2021, 17:08

Finally, after almost 2 years I could travel to Canada and visit Jeroen & Julie, Ellis & Kyan. We had an awesome ten-days-quality-time Happy 2

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17 februari 2022, 10:52

Ha! Goed te weten!!

Johan in community
21 oktober 2021, 14:58

Twee van mijn favoriete wandel- en fietspaden aan de rand van Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Harte Trail
Wandelen en fietsen aan de rand van de stad
Headingley Grand Trunk Trail
10 km. fietsen ten westen van Winnipeg
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